Is there a difference between a non-certified Doula and a certified Doula (CD)?

Not really. It does cost a fair bit to take all the required training, purchase materials and pay for membership & certification. But it is possible for a Doula to take all the required training and do everything that is needed to be certified (attending births, reading assigned books, attending courses) and chose not to pay for certification. This does not make her any less qualified or any less of a Doula. This does not change her ability to attend hospital births, either.

It is possible for a Doula to attend a hundred births and never pursue certification.

As of May 2013, I have completed all my requirements for being a DONA certified Doula and as of August 2013 I am a Certified Birth Doula – CD(DONA).

I have completed all my training,  my reading and writing assignments and attended over a dozen births in the past 2 years.

What does it cost to have a Doula?

Since Doula support is not covered by OHIP (a Doula is not a medical care giver), it is suggested by our affiliated organization that we set a fee for our services.

That being said, I believe that fee should be based on what I believe is fair for the clients that I serve and the average income in the areas I serve. Larger city Doulas can charge anywhere from $700-$1,000 for their services based on the clients they have.

What do your services cost?

I believe that every woman deserves a Doula…and that finances should never stop you from having the support and assistance you want. For this reason, I am flexible with my rate, based on household income. If extensive traveling is needed, the fee will reflect that.

As of April 2015, my Doula Services are $600.00.

What does that include?

  • *Free initial consultation/interview
  • *Up to 3 Prenatal meetings
  • *Assistance in creating a birth plan
  • *Pregnancy & Childbirth information and education (prenatal classes may be offered in the future)
  • *Assistance in the home during labor
  • *Continued physical, emotional, and informational support during labor and childbirth in either the home or the hospital
  • *Photography/video during labor and birth if desired….my camera or yours!
  • *Breastfeeding support and guidance
  • *2-3 Postpartum visits and phone support for the 1st month

Do you accept payment plans?

YES! We can talk together and work out a plan for payment that will suit you and help me to serve you. I also accept “Service Swaps” – meaning if you or your Partner has a Trade or business that me or my family has need of, we can work out a equal swap of services that pleases both parties. Just ask!

I require a $100 non-refundable deposit at our 1st official meeting. This will secure your place on my schedule. I am committed to being on call for YOU 2 weeks before your due date, and until baby is born. In the event that I am unable to be with you, I will get a back-up Doula for you.

Where can you go for deliveries?

Most hospitals allow for 2 support people in a delivery suite. The Stratford General Hospital allows 2 PLUS a Doula! Keep this in mind when planning your delivery – as some want partners, mothers, sisters or grandma’s with them in delivery. If you are planning a home birth with a midwife, I can come to your home – and there is no limit on the number of people you have…your home, your rules!

In the event of a planned or emergency C-Section – most hospitals allow only one support person in the OR. In these situations, I will defer to the Partner if he is present.

I have attended births at the Woodstock Hospital, Stratford Hospital, LHSC, Grand River, and Cambridge Memorial. Feel free to contact me about your location and if it will work for me!

I want a midwife…can you help me find one?

I cannot promise you that you will get a midwife, but I can direct you to midwife groups in your area or resources where you look up information about how to contact one. There are over 5,000 women on wait lists for Midwives in Ontario! If you have just found out you are pregnant, I encourage you to call a midwife group ASAP with your due date, so you can better your chances of getting one. It truly is like winning the lottery – and I wish you the best of luck!

I am really hoping to see a Midwife group in Woodstock in the near future! To find out about how you can help support this cause, visit WOODSTOCK NEEDS MIDWIVES on Facebook